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November 2012 meeting coming up

Just a quick reminder – Trevor Wray will be talking about Pediocactus in habitat this coming Tuesday. We meet as usual at Winterbourne, from 7 pm for a 7.30 pm start. All welcome.

Arthur’s Aloe Erinacea in flower

Some pictures of Arthur’s Aloe Erinacea flowering. According to the Cactuspedia this difficult to grow aloe doesn’t flower until it is around 25 years old!

Industrial Cactus Farming @ Ubink Cactus Nursery, Holland.

The New ‘New Member’ Welcome Kit

Welcome/Cultivation Pack Free to all NEW BCSS members. This will be available to existing members for £2 via the publications section of the BCSS site.

Interesting Posts on the BCSS forum

  My trip to the Czech Republic by Sandi Stunning photos of a number of greenhouses with massive cacti collections Sulcorebutia 2011 by Ross M. Pictures of Ross’s Sulcorebutia in flower. Be sure and view the whole thread. Lithops could become addictive by Phil Hocking A number of closeup pictures of Lithops Red Flowers by […]

Louie Schwartzberg: The hidden beauty of pollination

Lithops timelapse after watering

1 day per frame, 5 frames per second, 53 days total.

Succulent plants waited for cool, dry Earth to make their mark

The Brown team and colleagues from Oberlin College and the University of Zurich, Switzerland, were interested primarily in dating the origins of the cacti (scientific name Cactaceae). The team sequenced the chloroplast genomes (the organelles inside plant leaves that engineer photosynthesis) for a dozen cacti and their relatives and combined their new genomic data with […]

Costas got me!

My newbie airio’s. via ebay. Still some left. Now I just need to wait about 20 years…

August meeting: Opening Notes

Kings Heath Gardener’s weekend is cancelled and has been replaced by a new show in the City Centre in conjunction with Artsfest. There will be three marquees in the City Centre Gardens (behind the library) and we will have a display in the Artsfest marquee. Volunteers to help out are needed. This coming Sunday (21st) […]