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Coming up: February meeting

This will be on finding Lithops in the field – a look at flowering stones in their South African habitat. We are very pleased to have our branch member Roy Earle give this talk! On Tuesday, 16 February 2016, usual time and place.

How to grow succulents – recent podcast

In an intriguing podcast, Alys Fowler explores the allure of succulent plants to flower arrangers, whilst Jane Perrone visits the tropical nursery at Kew Gardens to marvel at the wide variety of succulents that are being propagated at Kew. Succulents are fashionable plants these days, many of them easy to keep on a bright windowsill. […]


As mentioned by Derek at the last meeting, there are a few videos available on this site. You can watch: an interview with former branch chairman Vic Knight on Conophytum and Lithops Derek and Arthur potting up a large Euphorbia at Winterbourne a brief introduction to plants of the genus Cleistocactus and a tour of […]