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As mentioned by Derek at the last meeting, there are a few videos available on this site. You can watch: an interview with former branch chairman Vic Knight on Conophytum and Lithops Derek and Arthur potting up a large Euphorbia at Winterbourne a brief introduction to plants of the genus Cleistocactus and a tour of […]

Repotting Time!

    Cat and cacti | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

From the BCSS forum – Grafting with Tiles and Opuntia

Never having had any success with grafting on Trichocereus and having given up the idea of ever trying again, it was the discovery of the Enten met tegels video on youtube a couple of years ago that first made me consider giving it a go again but with Opuntia as a stock. via CactusWorld – […]

January Meeting – Plant Clinic

We had a very successful plant clinic with lots of trouble plants and solutions, advice and a few condolences. Obregonia is an Obregoner. Dried out and died. No root system. Perhaps due to the mildness of winter so far. Perhaps mist with water now and then but not on rossettes or clumps. Also water early […]

From around the web

Photo Galleries of UK Nurseries from 2007 including Abbey Brook, agave-nursery.co.uk, Akamba, and Hollygate Cactus. Growing Ariocarpus from Seed : Andreas Laras Telegraph – Houseplants: Enjoy the garden indoors    

Vic Knight: Growing Conophytums and Lithops, interviewed by Derek Castle

How to reuse your plant labels

Tools needed: Steel wool