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How to grow succulents – recent podcast

In an intriguing podcast, Alys Fowler explores the allure of succulent plants to flower arrangers, whilst Jane Perrone visits the tropical nursery at Kew Gardens to marvel at the wide variety of succulents that are being propagated at Kew. Succulents are fashionable plants these days, many of them easy to keep on a bright windowsill. […]

Visit to Rene Geissler’s collection

Some members of the branch went to see Rene Geissler‘s marvellous collection in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, last weekend. We were made very welcome, the cake was fantastic, and yes, we all bought a few plants off Rene too. It is a great place to visit – see the photos below.

Blooms at Winterbourne

Finally, there was a touch of spring in the air last week. Here are some recent photographs of plants from the greenhouses at Winterbourne…

March 2013 Meeting: Out in the Cold and Wet / Stuart Estell

Sorry for the lateness of this write-up – just where has the time gone? Actually, our next branch meeting is not far off now (Andrew Gdaniec will be speaking on 16 April on cactus hunting in Canada). In March, though, we had Stuart Estell reporting on the successes and failures of growing cacti outside in […]

Arthur’s Aloe Erinacea in flower

Some pictures of Arthur’s Aloe Erinacea flowering. According to the Cactuspedia this difficult to grow aloe doesn’t flower until it is around 25 years old!