Branch facilities

  • Extensive library of books available for loan to all members.
  • Events arranged
  • Plant auctions can be arranged throughout the year by prior arrangement with the Hon. Secretary (25% to branch funds plus expenses).
  • Members’ plant sales at meetings and events (25% to branch funds)

The branch is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society.

2 Responses to “Branch facilities”

  1. Fatima says:

    Hi, I am visiting Birmingham from Pakistan and am desperate for seeds for succulents to take home with myself but am unable to find such anywhere…. Have also visited the Botanical Gardens and was shocked to hear they don’t sell seeds at all? Am sure there must be a reason for that but anyhow, could you be of any help?


    • Christian says:

      Hi there,
      Unfortunately we don’t normally sell succulent seeds, although we normally sell some seeds at our shows or at the NEC. A good place to start looking for seed suppliers would be on the cactus mall:
      Personally, I can recommend Kakteen Piltz in Germany, Succseed in Sweden, and Ludwig Bercht in the Netherlands. Mesa Garden in the US also have an excellent reputation. Whether or not any of these export seeds to Pakistan I don’t know, but they may well list the countries they send seed to on their websites.
      Good luck finding the seeds you want!

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