Kings Heath Gardeners’ Weekend – UPDATE

There has been some confusion as to whether or not this event will go ahead. We understand that the show will take place, though not in Kings Heath Park as planned but on the Bordesley Green Allotments site near the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. There will be a BCSS stand – but please check back for further info on this!

3 Responses to “Kings Heath Gardeners’ Weekend – UPDATE”

  1. Frances Lewis says:

    Why oh why are they moving this show yet again? We like it at Kings Heath Park and will not be going to any other location in Birmingham.
    This has been our yearly trip to Birmingham until last year when we had to go to Malvern instead and we were so pleased to hear that it was coming back to Kings Heath.
    From two very disappointed ex residents of Birmingham!

  2. lharvey says:

    what a complete shambles over the kings heath gardeners weekend,an event that is visited by people from miles aroung.the council should be ashamed of themseves for not being able to organise it.its a big disappointment especially for participants like yourseves.

  3. Ken Hill says:

    I saw the Kings Heath Park event advertised on the internet so my wife and myself went along only to find nothing but a lot of dissapointed and annoyed visitors like ourselves who had had a wasted journey and a spoilt day.
    Some of the people that we talked to had seen the event publicised on the internet or in the newspapers, one couple had even got a leaflet from the cafe at Kings Heath Park.
    It is disgusting that such an event should be so widely advertised then moved without any notice – it took me a while to find this update.
    I assume that the event at the allotments was poorly attended as most people would havve made the wasted journey to Kings Heath Park