Workshop on Seed Raising Tuesday 15th February 2022

Lithops dorotheae/Gill Mills

It is with great pleasure that the Birmingham Branch is announcing that our indoor meetings are re-starting.

The first meeting will be held at Winterbourne Gardens on Tuesday 15th February.  Arrival is from 7pm, and we normally aim to start at 7.30.  If you are arriving just after 7 there’s plenty of time for chatting, using our branch library, making a drink and seeing if there are any tempting plants for sale.

Our first meeting will be a workshop on seed raising.  Arthur Tomkins will demonstrate how he grows them from seed and afterwards I’ll lead a discussion on the relevant topics so everyone can share their own experiences and preferences such as what soil mix do you use, do you use a propagator, when do you replant etc.  Feel free to join in the discussion or simply absorb (or discount) other people’s ideas.  If you have anything to use as part of the discussion eg a favourite propagator do please bring items along.

To help get us into the swing of all things cacti and succulent, we will put up a display table and it would be wonderful if you can each bring along one plant you want to ‘show’ either because it’s looking stunning or maybe you want to know what it is or have a question about it.   If so write a short note with your question and put it by the plant. No prizes this time.

If you have spare seed or fruit of cacti or succulents (or any plants!) please do bring them as well as envelopes and a pen in case you need them.   We can compare growing success stories at our Christmas social!

Also we will have NO entrance fee as it’s the first meeting (Normally we charge £2.50 to go towards expenses)  Bring cash in case anyone is selling plants!

If you have never attended our zoom or branch meetings in the last three years and are likely to come please can you let me know just so we can gauge numbers and I can give you more detailed directions and guidance re covid.


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