Indoor meetings at Winterbourne

Mammillaria guelzowiana/Gill Mills

On Tuesday February 15th we commence indoor meetings at Winterbourne.

Please let us know if you are attending this  meeting just in case covid rules force cancellations.

The first meeting will be held in our new meeting room and will be both a social and a chance to participate in a seed sowing and growing workshop. If you have surplus seed please bring to share and it may be helpful for you to bring small containers, labels and a pen in case you are able to take seed away.  If you have great experience bring along anything to share whether its good techniques or physical things such as preferred seed trays or grow lights to show.

On March 15th  and April 19th we will have external speakers. More info to follow.

Future meets will include talks on plant groups as well as expeditions to learn more about plants in habitat.

Contact: Andy Harris at

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