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December 2011

Some winter casualty reports are in early.

Gardeners who got caught out by the bad winter Three head gardeners around the country compare notes on how the worst of the winter weather affected their gardens and greenhouses. Plant explorer Tom Hart Dyke created a World Garden of Plants in the walled garden of his ancestral home at Lullingstone Castle in Kent. Opened […]

Industrial Cactus Farming @ Ubink Cactus Nursery, Holland.

Some Cacti in Flower Slideshow Videos

Marianne Beleyav’s Collection: : St Petersberg Cactus Club Alexander T’s Collection: St Petersberg Cactus Club

Lessons from Plants in Pain, or What We Talk About When We Talk to Ourselves

From the Science Essayist – an interesting article on inter and intra plant warning systems In my favorite recent study, which delights me more because of how the plants defend themselves than how they talk about it, Lima beans infested with spider mites—as well as those exposed to leaves from infested plants—react by activating a […]