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August 2011

Succulent plants waited for cool, dry Earth to make their mark

The Brown team and colleagues from Oberlin College and the University of Zurich, Switzerland, were interested primarily in dating the origins of the cacti (scientific name Cactaceae). The team sequenced the chloroplast genomes (the organelles inside plant leaves that engineer photosynthesis) for a dozen cacti and their relatives and combined their new genomic data with […]

Ariocarpus Fissuratus Flowering Time Lapse

Costas got me!

My newbie airio’s. via ebay. Still some left. Now I just need to wait about 20 years…

Birmingham Branch August Meeting: Costas Papathanasiou – Ariocarpus

At this month’s meeting Costas Papathanasiou gave a talk about his fantastic Ariocarpus collection. I took some notes but I was not quite fast enough to catch everything and probably have some things wrong as well. Please comment with any corrections or extra detail you might have. There are 6 accepted species in the books; […]

Cacti and Succulents seen at Southport Flower Show 18th August 2011 taken by Jim Mercer

To view the slideshow in fullscreen click on the button on the right with the arrows pointing to the four corners of the square. [Esc key to exit fullscreen]

August meeting: Opening Notes

Kings Heath Gardener’s weekend is cancelled and has been replaced by a new show in the City Centre in conjunction with Artsfest. There will be three marquees in the City Centre Gardens (behind the library) and we will have a display in the Artsfest marquee. Volunteers to help out are needed. This coming Sunday (21st) […]

August Meeting: Plant of the Month

For this month’s plant of the month Mark priveleged us with a a twofer. First up was a Leuchtenbergia principis. and that was followed by a full pot of Haworthia venosa ssp tessellata

Autumn Show Schedule

Word Document: Autumn Show Schedule for a printed version please email you address to the Show Secretary: Gill Mills Show Entries due by Thursday, 6th October.

Next meeting 16th August: Ariocarpus with Costas Papathanasiou

As a preview here are some of the Ariocarpus in the collection at Winterbourne Ariocarpus furfuraceus   Ariocarpus Trigonus   Ariocarpus Retusus