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Summer at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens…

Some news from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Firstly, when you visit the Gardens you will notice that the Loudon Terrace has been planted up recently. The arid bed looks splendid now, and it includes the Pachycereus pringlei which outgrew its position in the Arid House at Winterbourne Gardens. Taking it down was a major undertaking; […]


This Agave salmiana, housed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, decided to flower – always a spectacular sight, even if the flower stem still has some way to travel. Here is a recent photo taken by our branch member Eddie Adams – and how this ends can be seen in a forum posting by Geoff Bowman, […]

An unusual take on growing succulents at home…

How to grow succulents – recent podcast

In an intriguing podcast, Alys Fowler explores the allure of succulent plants to flower arrangers, whilst Jane Perrone visits the tropical nursery at Kew Gardens to marvel at the wide variety of succulents that are being propagated at Kew. Succulents are fashionable plants these days, many of them easy to keep on a bright windowsill. […]

As found in an East London florist shop: the succulents for all seasons…

Check @toasttravels blog on how to make a Herb and Succulent Wreath by us! (Link in our profile). #toasttravels #graceandthorn Ein von Nik Southern (@graceandthorn) gepostetes Foto am 15. Nov 2015 um 0:42 Uhr PS: This is the direct link to the tutorial on how to create a Christmas wreath using succulent plants: http://travels.toa.st/2015/11/13/herb-succulent-wreath-tutorial-grace-thorn/

Hardy Agaves

Here is another interesting article from The Plantsman – on Agave suitable for cold glass or outdoor cultivation in the UK. We will have a talk on these plants later this year, in September.

Starting out? Try this one…

Every year the German cactus society names a ‘cactus of the year‘ – and for 2015 they chose a perfect one for growing on a windowsill at home: Mammillaria zeilmanniana. In fact, you may have been given one – it is known as Mothers’ Day Cactus for it flowers profusely around the German Mother’s Day […]

Whilst on the subject of Schlumbergera…

For those of you with some knowledge of German: cultivation advice from the famous cactus nursery Haage in Erfurt, Germany.

Through the roof…

BBC local news from today. Here you can read the entire news story.

Christmas Lights in Las Vegas – Happy holidays everyone!