Summer at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens…

Arid bed along Loudon Terrace, Birmingham Botanical Gardens. (Photo by Wyl Durrant, BBG, with permission.)

Some news from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Firstly, when you visit the Gardens you will notice that the Loudon Terrace has been planted up recently. The arid bed looks splendid now, and it includes the Pachycereus pringlei which outgrew its position in the Arid House at Winterbourne Gardens. Taking it down was a major undertaking; the top of the plant was saved, potted up and re-rooted – and it now has a new home. Originally it came from Ian Thwaites, who donated the plant to Winterbourne.

Meanwhile, the flower stalk of Agave salmiana grew to 3.63 metres tall. A good 1,000 flowers are starting to open now, dripping with nectar. Their scent apparently might remind you of either  smokey bacon or sweaty socks – to sample it you’ll find the agave in the Barrel Arch, between the Mediterranean House and the Arid House.

Agave salmiana in flower, Birmingham Botanical Gardens. (Photo by Eddie Adams, BBG, with permission.)


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