Coming up: March meeting

 Steven Hammer's Sphaeroid Institute, Feb. 2015

This month we are very lucky to have Andy Young introducing us to Steven Hammer’s collection, also known as the Sphaeroid Institute. Both Andy and Steven Hammer are Mesemb specialists, and both have published widely on these plants. Both even have plants from the Aizoaceae family named after them: if you know Hammeria gracilis – this is named after Steven. And recently described Conophytum youngii is named after Andy.

Steven Hammer’s collection extends much beyond Mesembs, encompassing Haworthia and South African succulents more widely. For a little taster see this entry from a different blog. There is also that set of images on Flickr that we have linked to above (you can click through the images from this page) – showing the collection and the master himself.

We meet this coming Tuesday, 21 March, usual place and time. Do come along!

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