January 2013 Meeting – Plant Clinic

Just a handful of plants were brought along, but it was a lively evening nonetheless, with people exchanging ideas on how to combat red spider mites or what may cause a fungal infection on almost felty succulent leaves (aphid droppings perhaps?).

We then discussed different methods of seed raising – when it comes to cacti, most branch members appear to favour sowing seeds on sterile soil in single pots tied into freezer bags rather than larger plug trays. One should note that this method generally does not work for the other succulent plants, as they are prone to damping off (i.e. rotting) in stagnant moist conditions. The BCSS has published cultivation leaflets for more on common pests and diseases on succulent plants, as well as seed raising.

One good place to look for advice on how to grow cacti and other succulents is the BCSS Forum. Or, if you are local to Birmingham, you can come to any of our meetings and ask questions about your plants. That’s what we are there for.

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